Beau, the WONDER doggie !



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After Charlotte went in the hospital in 1996 for the first time and before she was diagnosed with Bartter's, she didn't have the energy to play normally, wanted to watch TV constantly, and to hold our 12 year old cat. The cat didn't want to play and would struggle to get away, often scratching her in the escape. Charlotte would then cry, not because of the injury, but because she wanted a live playmate. Charlotte was nine going on ten, but she was not independent enough to go outside to play in the neighborhood, leaving her stuck inside and demanding TV. I decided she needed a dog to play with. Dogs don't struggle to get away, and they are more likely to be "in your face." I read up on dog breeds since Dad and I are not really dog people. While I read up on what kind would be best for her, I had to convince Dad this would be a good decision. I finally settled on a Golden Retriever. Dad wanted one about a year old so we wouldn't have to deal with a puppy, (not being dog people). We found one with the help of a friend of mine at work, Jack (who is a real dog person). We bought him after only a few minutes of "getting to know you" time, contrary to all the advice we've been given. They called him Bone, short for Bonaparte. We weren't sure what to call him since Charlotte has difficulty pronouncing the ending of words and couldn't say Bone well. Another friend at work suggested shortening it to Bo. I liked it, and Dad modified it to "Beau", short for Beauregard, (classy guy huh?) Well Beau is just a wonder dog, Charlotte LOVED him from the first. That night he licked her toes as she was getting ready for bed. Every time we took him out for a walk, she cried, because she thought that he might not return, and she wouldn't be able to keep him. Now we are converted to dog people. We have been so happy with Beau. Anytime Charlotte is upset, he comes to her and licks her tears off her face and makes her laugh! One minute she's crying, the next she's laughing.

He's a real tiger.

She loves it when he dresses up.

Beau really does make her happy.
Beau keeps her company in the yard.