I redecorated Charlotte's room when she was 10 years old. The inspiration came from a birthday card her Aunt gave her.

There's a flock of butterflies to the right of the mirror and to the left of the tree.

Hot pink molding trim, pale pink walls.

There's a chesire cat in this tree.

The little cupboard was painted to resemble the door on granny's trailer in the TV show BIG COMFY COUCH.

Instead of buying a wallpaper border, I hand painted the pictures around the room. There are cats, dogs, trees, butterflies, and 2 different suns.

I painted her table with polka dots and a decorative border. I painted her name on her chair. I see I need to take a photography class :)

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The bottom half of the wall is green & white striped wallpaper. The molding across the middle is handpainted with purple & white checks. I used a stencil for the checks. The edges of the molding are painted hot pink. The trim moldings in the room are the same hot pink. The top half of the wall is a pale pink.

The curtians were recycled from another room, not even new, starched & ironed, then tied with a wide pink wire edged ribbon bow. The sheets are pink & white stripes, and the comforter is a flowered print, not easily outgrown. We found a pink painted basket in my local grocery store that holds gloves & hair ties & such.

I considered a wallpaper border at first, but rejected that because the pattern repeats were every 18 inches. These designs were hand painted on the wall by Mommy. The sun/cloud/rainbow design was copied from her previous wallpaper because I liked it and to keep something old in the new design. There are three different dogs, Clifford The Big Red Dog, the shaggy dog from Sesame Street (what's his name?), and a golden retriever like her dog Beau. There are three cats, one is in honor of our deceased cat, Snuggles, one is depicting his remaining sister, Nico, and the third is copied from a children's book, a fantasy cat. There are two different pastel horses, a pegasus, and a unicorn. There are trees and a sun. The trees all have something different in or around them, a bunny, a swan, a chesire cat, a swarm of butterflies, a little girl walking her dog. Butterflies are scattered throughout the border. There is a standing bunny holding balloons (not seen) near the light switch.

The little cupboard was painted to resemble the door of Granny's trailer on Big Comfy Couch. Since I am not a good photographer, you really can't see the table & chair well. They are painted with big polka dots, you can see faintly the back of the chair where CHARLOTTE is painted. This layout could be modified for any child. Use the colors you like. Include the pictures that relate to your child's life.